How Do You Know the Right Size MGA Insurance Agency to Choose?

How Do You Know the Right Size MGA Insurance Agency to Choose?

If you are an insurance advisor, you know that there are several different ways to build your portfolio. However, as an insurance agent working for a major company, you are no doubt aware of the problems that also exist; challenges that make it difficult to increase your earning potential or to provide the best services to those clients. Once you have recognized these challenges, you might be questioning whether your position as an agent at one of these companies if the best fit for you.

One of the best ways to ensure your future career goals and your clients’ needs is to become an advisor with an MGA insurance agency that is the right size and offers the best resources and compensation. An MGA insurance agency that is too big may not offer you the support you need because they are too busy to return your calls, while an MGA that is too small may not offer you the support you need because they simply don’t have the resources to.

Working with a mid-sized and well reputed MGA insurance agency like W88 has many perks. These can include company sponsored events, team building, and training. Moving your insurance license from one insurance company or MGA to another can be quite simple, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just like with insurance rates, time is not on your side. If you are unhappy now, chances are you will be unhappy in the future. The longer you continue to build your portfolio under a particular company, the more complex it can become to switch.

Working with an MGA that is large enough to offer all insurance products from all companies, while attending to your needs and professional development, will lead to increased success in the long run. It will mean greater success because you will be more agile, will be able to work your files faster and more efficiently, and most importantly you will be able to provide your clients with all of the insurance products offered by all companies to get them the most competitive deal.

Because an MGA that vests your clients to you immediately means that you are able to begin building a strong portfolio that is yours right away, instead of dealing with the restrictions that come with working directly for an insurance company. This puts time back on your side because every client you develop is a building block in your empire.

When making the difficult decision to move your license to a new company, and if you think that an MGA insurance agency is the right choice for you, there are some further things that you may want to consider:

  • Do they employ the necessary tools to allow you to profit from continued learning and best business practices?
  • Do they offer the types of products that you favour?
  • Do they offer training and support?
  • Do they offer a good compensation package?
  • Do they offer a commitment on turnaround time for both applications and call backs?
  • What is the culture like?
  • Does the MGA insurance agency feel right for you?

Do your due diligence and you will quickly be able to determine the right fit for you. If you are ready to make the switch to becoming an advisor with the right MGA insurance agency, you know that that is a smart choice. Not only will you be able to encourage a stronger clientele base, but you will be able to provide the best services to keep them happy, while still beefing up your bottom line.